back-in angle

Downtown Pensacola, Back-In Angle Parking

The trend for back-in angle spaces has been catching on rapidly in cities all over the U.S. For safety reasons, not one city in the U.S. has added front-in angled parking next to an active roadway since 2006 and the Downtown Pensacola Parking Management District (DPMD) has chosen to follow suite. After year one of introducing Downtown Pensacola to back-in angle parking, traffic accidents have decreased 100%.

Back-in only angle parking signInstead of pulling into the parking spot, cars back into their spots, allowing drivers to make eye contact with oncoming traffic when exiting the space. Just like parallel parking, the driver signals a right turn to warn other drivers, pulls past the parking spot, stops, and then reverses into the parking spot. Some benefits of this strategy are; better lines of sight, improved safety for children and pedestrians, and improved loading and unloading.

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